Born out of the desire to create the ultimate cycling components, Tactic Racing operates under one motto: the best or nothing. Tactic Racing stands by this mantra by taking a zero compromise approach; combining pioneering technologies in the cycling industry with the highest quality aerospace-grade materials and tolerances.

Hubs are small but critical components of the bicycle that serve multiple purposes. First and foremost, hubs are the center of rotation of the wheels. Tactic Racing hubs use ABEC 7 ceramic bearings with a Tungsten Disulfide low friction coating developed for the most exacting and high performance applications including the likes of the Mars rovers.

The rear hub of a bicycle is additionally responsible for the power transmission from the cassette to the wheel; ie putting power to the road. Tactic Racing hubs use our patent-pending ConicalFace Gear. The ConicalFace Gear system rapidly engages and disengages the freewheel over a larger contact area than any other freewheel mechanism on the market. The design ensures that the mating components are always concentrically aligned which drastically extends component lifetime. The hubshell itself is machined as the first part of the freewheel system to help keep the number of constituent components to a minimum.

Hubs are quite literally the central component of the entire wheel system. Tactic Racing hubs are designed around straight pull spokes with flanges smoothly integrated into the hubshell for stiffness and weight optimization. Disc brake hubs use external flanges with a 2-cross lacing pattern for all flanges to ensure ease of wheel building and service.
Tactic Racing hubs use an aerospace grade aluminium alloy boasting superior strength and lower weight than competing alloys.  The hubshells are designed to save weight without compromising on strength with smooth and efficient lines. The result is a pair of featherweight hubshells that take a combined 3 hours to machine on a 5 axis CNC mill. Total weight for a set of disc brake road hubs is 215 grams (64g front, 151g rear). Weight is achieved through material choice and product engineering, not by cutting corners in strength or impractical design. Tactic Racing hubs do not have a rider weight limit and are just as adept on pavement as off. They are high performance products that are meant to be ridden day in and day out. Performance without compromises. The Best or Nothing.

Technical Measurements for Spoke Lengths here.